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Our main Sunday Service is at 11 am. We also have an 8.00 am Holy Communion

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St Johns Church, Lemsford Village

The church was erected over 150 years ago as a memorial to George Augustus, the sixth Earl Cowper, who died before he could realise his publicly declared intention to build a church at Lemsford for the benefit of his tenants. His widow and children ensured that his wish was fulfilled, and the church, designed by David Brandon, was built and dedicated in 1859. In 1858 Queen in Council approves the Ecclesiastical Commission's request to create the new Parish of Lemsford out of the Parish of Bishop's Hatfield, diocese of Rochester, on the 3rd February.1859 Consecration of St. John's, Lemsford by Lord Aukland, Bishop of Bath & Wells on the 27th May.....Read More

Our friendly church is prominently located in the village of Lemsford, Hertfordshire and was built in 1859 giving it a solid history. The village of Lemsford itself is well known throughout the area for its large mill on the River Lea which winds its way through Brocket Hall Park.Read more about St Johns Church Lemsford.

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The tower, complete with perforated quatrefoil parapet and corner-mounted dragon gargoyles, remains to this day a prominent landmark in the surrounding countryside. There was no clock until 1876 when the original timepiece was installed by Messrs. Gillet & Bland to the west and south elevations of the tower. The clock is now, of course, electrically powered. 1977 the Bells are installed. Peal of six bells dedicated by By Rt. Rev. Bishop of St. Albans, Robert Runcie on December 18th the bells were the inspiration of geoff Dodds and a group of volunteers. This original feature houses a very steep and narrow spiral staircase that is certainly not for the faint-hearted!.

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