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St Johns School - Lemsford Village

The Education Act of 1870 required provision be made for all children to have the opportunity for an education. Prior to this date few children, other than those from wealthy families, were able to attend any type of school. At Cromer Hyde there was a ‘Dame School’ run by Miss Archer for about forty children whose parents paid 2d (about 40p in today's money) per week for each child. St Mary’s School in nearby Welwyn had been established some years before but it was too far away for the children of Lemsford. In order that these children should have their own school Lord Cowper, who at the time owned the Panshanger and Brocket Estates, had a school built in 1872 and which he supported financially until 1903. View our gallery of St Johns School Lemsford

St Johns School - Lemsford Village

On the 4th May 1872, the first entry in the Head Teacher’s Log Book was made by Mrs Mary Seaman, the first Head Teacher. On that day, seventy-seven children, ranging in age from three to thirteen, were enrolled. They were divided into two classes - one being taken by Mrs Seaman and the other by her husband Walter, her assistant. They were all taught in one room, the room now used as the dining room in the oldest part of the school. The school was approved by the Government on the 16th May 1872

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The Early Days

Few of the children had any idea of numbers or of letters, and the first task was to teach them to read and write and do simple arithmetic. The girls were taught needlework, and the boys gardening, and all the children learned to sing. The Vicar the Revd. Fred Burnside, opened the school each morning with prayers, and made himself responsible for the teaching of scripture to the older pupils.

The Lemsford Local History Group, formed in 2001, is interested in all aspects of the history and the people of this area - both ancient and modern. We welcome correspondence from anyone who shares this interest. Read more about St Johns School Lemsford.

Andy Chapman LLHG

The first 100 years of St Johns School

This short history of the first 100 year of St Johns School Lemsford was compiled by Andy Chapman of the Lemsford Local History Group from their archives with a special mention to the excellent article titled ‘A brief History of Lemsford School’ by Mr E.L Temple, head teacher from 1963 to 1979. To read 'The first 100 years od St Johns School' Click Here

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